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Many organisations appoint Interim Managers to undertake assignments either when a vacancy or gap arises in a key role or in facilitating change and project management. Often occuring simultaneously where following the departure of a Senior Manager, an organisation may feel changes - sometimes unpopular - need to take place quickly, whilst the formal recruitment process can progress without added pressures. In other circumstances, an Interim Manager may be chosen, where finances do not allow for a permanent appointment to be made. Some examples and benefits are outlined below

Niche Interim are able to quickly help with appointments and support in a number of key areas including, General Management, Marketing, Communications, Finance and Human Resources.


Solutions can be long or short term and in some cases on or off site.


Speed and flexibility are central to the success of our interim appointments.

An organisation plans to carry out a strategic or new project and has broadly agreed the key areas and needs to be achieved but does not retain the knowledge or skills in-house to undertake the project. Assignments can range from project management to full business reorganisation. Previously, organisations would have engaged a management consultancy to undertake this work; but today these roles are successfully delivered, and at significantly reduced costs, by engaging interim managers.


An organisation has a gap in a significant leadership or specialist role, which may have been created by a variety of differing circumstances - including for example, promotion, secondment, restructure, resignation or maternity/paternity leave. Generally organisations do not have the capacity within their existing human resource to fill this gap, however appointing an interim manager can being the experience and flexibility to fulfil the brief to stabilise, maintain or even change momentum, and for whatever period is needed. The right Interim manager can also assist with the recruitment of a permanent replacement, act as a mentor and develop the team.


Interim apointments can be made from a single day upwards. They are able to work full and part time and from most locations.

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