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From training sessions across the country to annual conferences, conventions, trade fairs and exhibitions, the booking co-ordination and managing of these events takes time and attention to detail. However the staff and management resource time varies in peaks and troughs. Given our experience in commercial events and organisational flexibility, we can offer a support service where employing permanent administrative and event management is highly restrictive to many organisations.


Commencing with a

 number of briefing meetings to fully understand our clients requirement, we will create a document of understanding for the event which will be fully agreed in advance. This marks the real start of the process, following which our team will commence work on our clients behalf, meeting with with locations, sub-contractors and all involved, to meet the demands of the brief, gaining “sign-off in terms of expectation and budget at each stage. Should clients choose, delegates, attendees or guests can be contacted directly by ourselves in advance with details of the event and to provide them with advance information.  


We will provide liaison personnel, when required, at each event to ensure communication is constant, and to ensure a trouble free, professionally organised and memorable occasion. Following, or in the final stages of each event a debrief would be held to ensure total satisfaction, and to ensure repeat events are confirmed well in advance.


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Private Events are undertaken subject to the event and location.



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